DomeFest2020 has successfully concluded.

What is IFSV?

Following its preliminary event in 2009, IFSV was launched in Japan in 2010 as a festival for science films and visualizations. Our aim is to contribute to foster a culture of science appreciation through the promotion and development of visual expressions.

IFSV's recent focus goes to the exploration of the possibility of fulldome/immersive media.
Among various activities and events, IFSV's annual DomeFest has been gaining worldwide attention as a momentous event, attracting wide variety of people, from world's leading creators to novices or fulldome fans.

The 10th IFSV DomeFest OVERVIEW

Dates Feb.16-18, 2020
VenueGalaxcity -Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Target Anyone with interest in science films or fulldome videos
Organized by Organizing Committee for the International Festival of Science Visualization
Galaxcity (Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
Supported byNational Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)...planned
Japan Planetarium Association(JPA)...planned

Organizing Committee

Isshi TABE (LIBRA Corporation)

Committee Members
  • Akira HIRAI
  • Akira MIURA (ISAS)
  • Chika SATO (GOTO INC)
  • Hiromichi GAN (Hiratsuka City Museum)
  • Masaru HIROHASHI (Astro Lab)
  • Masashige IIDA (College of Arts, Tamagawa University)
  • Mayumi SANO
  • Minami TAKANO (AstroArts Inc.)
  • Nobuhiro MUTOH (T-FORMATION)
  • Takumi INOUE (Yamanashi Prefectural Yatsugatake Outdoor Learning Center)
  • Tetsuya TOYODA (AstroArts Inc.)
  • Toshiyuki TAKAHEI (ORIHALCON Technologies, Inc.)
  • Yoshitsugu KOBAYASHI (Zakkadan)
  • Alphabetical order


DomeFest2020 has successfully concluded.

We hope to see you all again at DomeFest2021.

IFSV Connect

IFSV Connect is designed to collect feedback from DomeFest audience to each presentation, performance or screening of a show.

IFSV Connect


Sunday, Feb.16 - Tuesday, Feb.18, 2020


Google Map

  • GalaxcityMaruchi-taiken Dome(Multi-Experience Dome)
  • 1-3-1 Kurihara Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0842 Japan
  • 3 minute walk from the East Exit of Nishiarai Station on the Tobu Skytree Line.



Seats: max 150
Admission Fee: 4,000JPY
Admission Fee for Students: 2,000JPY
Banquet: 5,000JPY

Feature Film List

COSMOS ODYSSEY - Our Quest to Discover the Universe METASPACE
Khrumka and the Magic Rocket Fulldome Studio DN
Arora Thinkwell Studio Montreal
Big Astronomy California Academy of Sciences, Visualization Studio
CAPCOM GO! The Apollo Story NSC Creative
Hanabi-rium:Why does fireworks exist Marutamaya Co.
Buran LLC ART-Technologies
HIRUKO HIRUKO production committee
Night of Falling Stars :Revealing the secrets of showers Osaka Science Museum/LiVE Company Ltd./GOTO INC
Particle/Wave Alicia Sometimes

Apply for Screening/Presentation/Exhibition

For fulldome film screenings, we accept Dome Master & Equirectangular formats. See the guidelines for details.

Frequently Asked Questions for Presenters

Short-Film Contest

We call for fulldome short films (10 min or shorter). Both science films and non-science films are welcomed.


Deadline: Jan.15, 2020

*In the case of exceeding applicants, the finalists may be selected through preliminary review.
Also note that your application will be invalid if your data has not been received by Jan 31.

Award Winners

Grand PrizeSolariansJuli Tagger
Excellence AwardCrookedDeclan McKenna
Excellence AwardFurther-FurtherIvan Gopienko
Audience Choice AwardSolariansJuli Tagger

Feature Film Screenings

High quality fulldome films with science visualization, experimental techniques, or latest production technologies, will be screened.


[A correction on the Guidelines for Feature Film Screenings]
Deadline for Screening Data Submission should read Wednesday,
January 15, 2020 (JST), not Friday. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Deadline: Nov.30, 2019

Approx. 10 films are planned to be shown. Selected works will be decided by the Program Selection Committee of IFSV in case of exceeding entries.


We invite presentations on fulldome movie production. Presenters may show trailers or other relevant movies(fulldome/flat) in their presentations


Deadline: Jan.15, 2020

The presenters may be selected through preliminary review in the case of exceeding entries.

Booth Display

You can exhibit or demonstrate your fulldome-related products, and make a special appeal to Dome Fest visitors.
[1 long-table /booth]

Guidelines [BOOTH DISPLAY]

Entry Fee :10,000JPY/booth

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