The fields that scientific researchers are focusing on in 21st century are expanding rapidly and vastly year by year. And though their developments are deeply concerned with societies and lives of the people, it is getting harder for ordinary citizens who should support them to understand the cutting edge of scientific studies.
Scientific visualizations are supereminent media for such people to understand frontiers of science and technology. And they are also important for researchers themselves to increase the knowledge and understanding about their subjects, too. Particularly, visualizing technologies for looking into microscopic worlds or deep space in the universe, and for reproducing evolution of the universe by the latest computer simulation have brought us astonishing worlds that were impossible even to imagine in the past.
Movies on dome screens that surround us give the feeling as if we are immersed in space, and spectroscopic movies take us into the screen.
We believe this is a good opportunity to introduce such scientific contents and technologies to lots of people, and we hope it will give a chance of exchanging information to producers and technicians. We will to host “International Festival of Scientific Visualization” to provide the place to present new visualization contents for movie creators.

The date

11 September to 11 October 2010

Hall list

  • Chuo City Time Dome Akashi
  • City hachioji sciencedome
  • City Sumida Lifelong learning Center, Tokyo
  • Gunma Science Museum
  • Higashi Yamato municipal native museum
  • Hiratsuka City Museum
  • Hitachi Civic Center
  • Itabashi Science and Education Hal
  • JAXAi
  • Katsushika City Museum
  • Kawaguchi Science Museum
  • Kawasaki Municipal Science Museum
  • Konica Minolta Planetarium "Manten"
  • Kyodo no Mori Fuchu City Museum
  • Nakano Zero Planetarium
  • National Astronomical Observatory of Japan 4D2U Theater
  • National museum of emerging science and innovation
  • National Museum of Nature and Science Theater 360
  • Sagamihara City Museum
  • Saitama city Space Theater
  • Sayama City Chuojidoukan
  • Science Museum
  • Shiroi City Cultural center Planetarium
  • SKIP City Audio Visual Library
  • Suginami Science Museum
  • Takasaki Youth Science Center
  • Tamarokuto Science Center
  • The Planetarium Theater "GALAXY"
  • Tsukuba Expo Center
  • UDX Theater
  • Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center


  • Date
  • Hole List


  • 東京国際科学フェスティバルロゴ
  • CoFest2010ロゴ
  • 国際生物多様性年ロゴ
  • COP10パートナーシップ事業ロゴ


  • ディスカバリージャパンロゴ
  • NPG Nature ロゴ
  • 大平技研メガスターロゴ
  • プラネターリアム銀河座
  • 三鷹光器ロゴ