The chance that we see it is limited though a lot of science and technology images are invented every day. It wants to offer the chance to introduce good quality science image contents widely, and for a lot of people to see, and to share the surprise and impression on the science by you.
'The 2nd International Festival of Scientific Visualization' is additionally held as people's information exchanges related to contents and technological development and science image creator's outlets.
Let's discover the science image and, on this occasion, discover "See", "Feel it", and happiness.


  • 10 August - 2 October, 2011

Venus list

More Map The 2nd International Festival of Scientific Visualization

  • The Hokkaido University Museum
  • Koriyama City Fureal Science Center
  • Science Museum
  • Chuo City Time Dome Akashi
  • National Museum of Nature and Science Theater 360
  • The Planetarium Theater "GALAXY"
  • Katsushika City Museum
  • City Sumida Lifelong learning Center, Tokyo
  • National museum of emerging science and innovation
  • Suginami Science Museum
  • Konica Minolta Planetarium "Manten"
  • Itabashi Science and Education Hal
  • National Astronomical Observatory of Japan 4D2U Theater
  • Kyodo no Mori Fuchu City Museum
  • Tamarokuto Science Center
  • City hachioji sciencedome
  • Higashi Yamato municipal native museum
  • Sagamihara City Museum
  • Shonandai Culture Centre Children's Museum
  • Hiratsuka City Museum
  • Chiba City Museum of Science
  • Shiroi City Cultural center Planetarium
  • Chiba Museum of Science and Industry
  • Tsukuba Expo Center
  • Saitama city Space Theater
  • SKIP City Audio Visual Library
  • Sayama City Chuojidoukan
  • Takasaki Youth Science Center
  • Gunma Science Museum
  • Cinema theque Takasaki
  • Yamanashi Prefectural Science Center
  • Nishi-Harima Astronomical Observatory
  • faundation of Shimane Nature and Environment
  • Hiroshima Children's Museum
  • Astamu land Tokushima
  • Ehime Prefectural Science Museum


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