Dome Festa

In recent years, there has been phenomenal progress in the expressiveness and quality of digital full dome imaging.
At Dome Festa, many events will be held: showings of overseas and domestic dome imaging films, lectures by invited overseas guests, and exhibitions by co-sponsors.


  • September 22(Sat) - 26(Wed), 2012 (for five days)


Sophia SakaiSophia Sakai Planetarium

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  • Visitors, science museum staff, researchers, engineers, etc.

* Please allow us to inform you as soon as the schedule is fixed.

Time Schedule

Payment Information : Fees

High school students and over(From elementary school kids to junior high school students)

. Hole Planetarium Banquet Lunch Bento
1 Day Pass 1 Day Pass Full Days Pass
No reservation
- -
No reservation
- 1,000Yen
- -
- 1,500Yen
5,000Yen 1,000Yen
- 1,500Yen
- 1,000Yen
- 1,500Yen
- 1,000Yen

September 22(Sat): No reservation is needed.

Venue: Hall

Participants Registration
Opening Ceremony
Special Screenings for the public "Hayabusa’s Return to Earth"
Admission Fee


Special Invited Discourse (Free admission):
Makoto Yoshikawa (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)

Image of HAYABUSA2

Special Screenings for the public "Hayabusa’s Return to Earth"
Admission Fee


Special Screenings for the public "HAYABUSA BACK TO THE EARTH"
Admission Fee

Image of HBTTE

Special Invited Discourse (Free admission):
Hiromitsu Kosaka (Live Co., Limited)

Venue: Planetarium

Special Screenings for the public. Admission Fee

S-1:HINOTORI KIZUNA-HEN(23min) 2012Japan
S-2:Ice Wonderland -The planet of The Snowball Earth-(25min) 2012/9Japan
Live : The starlit sky of tonight
S-3:HINOTORI KIZUNA-HEN(23min) 2012Japan
S-4:Ice Wonderland -The planet of The Snowball Earth-(25min) 2012/9Japan
Live : The planetarium for an adult
Live : Aroma healing planetarium

023 014 ソフィア堺プラネタリウム

September 23(Sun): No reservation is needed.

Venue: Planetarium

Special Screenings for the public. Admission Fee

S-5:Uchuu Kyoudai(28min) 2012/7日本国旗
Live : The starlit sky of tonight
S-6:Futari no GINGA-TETUDOU(26min) 2011/9日本国旗
Live : The starlit sky of tonight
Screening of "Live! Aurora" and a lecture by Mr. Yuzo Koga (Yuzo Co., Limited)
S-7:Uchuu Kyoudai(28min) 2012/7日本国旗
Live : The starlit sky of tonight
S-8:Futari no GINGA-TETUDOU(26min) 2011/9日本国旗
Live : The starlit sky of tonight
Screening of "Live! Aurora" and a lecture by Mr. Yuzo Koga (Yuzo Co., Limited)

005 005

Period: September 24(Mon) : Entrance is by advance reservation.

  • Reservation starting date(scheduled date): August 10(Fri), Closing date: August 31(Fri)
  • Admission fee: One-day ticket 1,500 yen Full days ticket 3,000 yen
    Only one showing: Normal admission fee
  • * Full days tickets allow you to participate in the screenings on Sept. 22 and 23.

Venue: Planetarium

Participants Registration
Screenings of entry films submitted to the Short Film Contest
A-1:Voices in the dark(45min)
A-2:KOYASAN(5min) 2012/8
A-3:MICHI ENO DAIKIKOU(2min) 2012/10


exhibitions by co-sponsors
Lunch Break(pre-registration: 1,000yen)
B-1:COSMIC JOURNEY(21min)2011
B-2:The Hubble Space Telescope(30min)2011/1
B-3:A Planet for GOLDILOCKS(26min)2012/6
B-4:Life a cosmic story(30min)
B-5:Blackholes : the another side of infinity(24min)
B-6:Dynamic Earth : Exploring Earth's Cliamte Engine(24min)

005 005 005

Commemoration photography
16:30-17:15:Discourse by invited overseas guests-A
Dr. Carter Emmart(American Museum of Natural History)
17:20-18:05:Discourse by invited overseas guests-B
Dan Neafus(Gates Planetarium Operations Manager)

Venue: Main Gallery

Exhibition booth area by co-sponsors

Venue: Diwa Roynet Hotels Sakai-Higashi

Banquet (Entrance is by advance reservation. Fee: 5,000 yen)

Period: September 25(Tue) : Entrance is by advance reservation.

C-1:Love for stars -Words wish for Universe-(36min)2011/9
C-2:Search for a star ‒A story of the astrology and the astronomy-(28min)2012/6
C-3:HINOTORI KIZUNA-HEN(23min) 2012Japan
C-4:Star of AINU(35min)2011/12
C-5:Aurora Story - Dialog with the Universe - Tribute to Michio Hoshino(20min)2010/9

012 013 014 015 012 017

Lunch Break(pre-registration: 1,000yen)
D-1:Snowflake - Letter from The Heavens -(25min)2012/8
D-2:Encounter with Earth(30min)2011/11
D-3:Habitable zone(24min)2012/8
D-4:Flying Monsters(40min) 2011
D-5:DEEP WONDER(27min)2011/9
D-6:Ice Wonderland -The planet of The Snowball Earth-(25min)2012/9
D-7:EARTH MUSEUM(25min)2011/12
D-8:Uchuu Kyoudai(28min) 2012/7日本国旗
D-10:Van Gogh painted the starlit sky(40min)2011/4
D-11:Natural Selection Darwin’s Mystery of Mysteries(41min)2011
D-12:Afterglow ghost caught me(8min)2012/2

018 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 027 028 029

Venue: Main Gallery

Exhibition booth area by co-sponsors

Optional Tours

Star-gazing party

Period: September 26(Wed) : Entrance is by advance reservation.

E-1:Eternal Return(37min)2012/6
E-2:Futari no GINGA-TETUDOU(26min) 2011/9
E-3:Space Junk(24min)2012
E-4:Northern Lights Symphony(25min)2012/9
E-5:Voyagers of space(25min)2008/3
E-6:Awesome Light 3(26min)

030 031 032 033 034 035

Lunch Break(pre-registration: 1,000yen)
F-1:The Little Prince(25min)
F-2:A Picture Book Without Pictures - Moonlight Kiss-(25min)2012/8
F-3:Miracle Voyage with MICRO(32min)2012/8
F-4:SARA NO NEGAIGOTO(24min)2012/4
F-5:Hello Kitty and a friends for Planetarium(25min)2012/4
F-6:traveling "Daru"(10min)2012/3
F-9:Speed Story(24min)2010/10
F-10:The Zula Patrol : Down to Earth(2min)

036 037 038 039 040 041 043 044

17:00-17:30:Closing ceremony
A short program contest commendation ceremony

Venue: Main Gallery

Exhibition booth area by co-sponsors

Optional Tours

Sakai City tours(pre-registration:4,800yen)


  • The 3rd International Festival of Scientific Visualization Management Commission
  • J-com Group(A designated management association for Education and Culture Center in Sakai City)


Supporting Groups


Invited Lecturer Profiles:

Makoto Yoshikawa

Makoto YoshikawaAssistant Professor of JAXA and ISAS. Project Manager of “Hayabusa 2 Mission”.
Professor Yoshikawa was born in Tochigi city, Tochigi Prefecture in 1962. He graduated from the Department of Astronomy of School of Science, Tokyo-University and Graduate School of Science. He researched as Research Fellowship for Young Scientists of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science. From 1991 onward, he worked at Communications Research Laboratory (CRL). In 1996, he was sent to the Observatory of Nice for one year. After this, he moved to the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science. In October 2003, this organization was merged to form the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. His field of specialty is Celestial Mechanics, and his main area of research is the orbital analysis of small solar system bodies including asteroids and comets. Now he is advancing the research of orbital determination of artificial satellites, planetary exploration spacecraft, and so on. He is Project Scientist and Project Manager of “Hayabusa” asteroid probe's mission. He also leads the review team for the next small celestial bodies mission. He is interested in asteroid impact avoidance (Spaceguard Survey) and devotes his time to the research and outreach activities for that theme.

Hiromitsu Kosaka

Hiromitsu KosakaPresident of Live Co., Limited, CG artist
Director of the movie” HAYABUSA BACK TO THE EARTH”.

Kosaka-san was born in 1960. He started his career as an illustrator and animator who produces hand-drawn images. From the beginning of the CG era, he developed a 3D software for his own use, and began to produce CG images. In 1997, he founded Live Co., Ltd, a company that deals with a variety of products ranging from CM films, Game images, large-format films, promotion videos for corporations, and so on.
In 2005, he built his own dome observatory, something he had been dreaming of since his childhood.
He is famous as an amateur astrophotographer who has a remote observatory.
His photo was selected to feature in “Tenmon Guide” and “Hoshi Navi” magazines and he was awarded the Grand Prix. His photo was also published on the cover of “Hoshi-Nave” magazine.
The film he directed, “HAYABUSA BACK TO THE EARTH” was awarded the Audience Choice Award at Imiloa Film Festival in Hawaii.
It was also awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award at the 52nd Scientific Technology Film Festival and the Grand Prix Award at the Japan International Short Film Festival 2011.

Yuzo Koga

Yuzo KogaEngineer and Creator
President of Yuzo Co., Ltd. and the director of the aurora live project “Live! Aurora”
In 2008, Koga-san was the youngest winner of the Scientific Journalist award.
In 2010, he was awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Award and Scientific Technology Award.
He was born in Aichi Prefecture in 1970. He graduated from the Graduate School of Science and Technology, Nihon University. (He has a master’s degree in mechanical engineering and sports engineering. He supported the athletes during the Nagano Olympics.)
After he worked as an engineer at an electronics manufacturer, he devoted his efforts to promoting technological developments and undertaking negotiations by himself for 14 years to build his own Alaska Observatory. Finally, he succeeded and has since worked on developing the technology for a live remote transmission network, imaging performances, relay delivery system, and ultrasensitive video relay. He initiated the ‘Live! Aurora’ project. For the first time ever, images are being delivered to 18 countries using PC relays, mobiles, and domes (delete ‘for the first time in the world’).

Dr. Carter Emmart(American Museum of Natural History)

Dr. Carter EmmartCarter Emmart is the Director of Astrovisualization at the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History, in New York City. He directs space show productions based on immersive data visualization for the Hayden Planetarium within the Rose Center. Carter oversees software development for interactive use of the 3D universe atlas known as the Digital Universe, which can now be networked between planetariums and classrooms worldwide. The Swedish company SCISS grew out of these efforts in a series of internships he hosted from Linkoping University. Starting astronomy courses at the age of ten in the old Hayden, Carter grew up in a family of artists and got his BA in geophysics from the University of Colorado, and his doctorate from Linkoping University, Sweden. He has had careers in architectural modeling, technical illustration and science visualization at NASA Ames Research Center and the National Center for Atmospheric Research prior to joining the staff at AMNH.

Dan Neafus

Dan NeafusDirector, Gates Planetarium, Denver Museum of Nature and Science
Founding Director, IMERSA,
Dan Neafus has produced engaging audience experiences for over 35 years, and continues to do so as Director of one of the finest immersive theaters in the world, the Gates Dome Theater at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. As Producer his fulldome films have been distributed to theaters world-wide. Dan is a frequent speaker at international conferences focusing on “The Language of Fulldome”, “Immersive Cinema” and Fulldome standards development. His consulting firm advises on Fulldome film development and technical considerations for new theaters. He has also created numerous public and performance artworks utilizing light and form.
With an emphasis on technology, Dan utilizes many tools in his work, from supercomputer graphics, to 3d sound and automated lighting. By collaborating and inspiring fellow visionary pioneers he has charted a course for the future of dome theaters and the immersive experience.

Fulldome Film credits

  • Executive Producer; Bella Gaia – Beautiful Earth by Kenji Williams. Currently in Production
  • Executive Producer, Super Volcanoes, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, in Production.
  • Executive Producer, Dynamic Earth, Denver Museum of Nature & Science. 2012
  • Writer / Producer, Realm of Light Re-Imagined, Denver Museum of Nature & Science. 2012
  • Producer, Cosmic Journey; A Solar System Adventure, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, 2010.
  • Producer, Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Feb 2006.

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