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  • August 1(The), 2013. 15:00-17:00



Payment Information : Fees

  • Free
  • However, an admission fee is required in order to see exhibition of Miraikan.


  • 80 persons

Time Schedule

  • 14:30 : Open
  • 15:00 : The greeting of session
  • 15:10 : Introduction of a holding outline
  • 16:00 : Special Invited Discourse : Keynote Speaker : Hirofumi Seo, M. D.(SCIEMENT)
  • 17:00 : Closing

Keynote Speaker

Hirofumi Seo, M. D.

Hirofumi Seo Image
  • SCIEMENT Representative
  • Graduated from the University of Tokyo Faculty of Medicine.
  • While currently working as a physician,
  • Hirofumi studied 3DCG at “Digital Hollywood” (a professional school specializing in 3DCG) during his second year at the University of Tokyo.
  • He is currently also working as a scientific CG designer.
  • With the knowledge and experience as a medical specialist, Hirofumi produces inimitable illustrations & animations that are "fun" and "factual".

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