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Venues : Science Museum & Planetarium etc.

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Dome Festa in Hitachi

Dome Festa in Hitachi

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The 4th International Festival of Scientific Visualization

The World of Charming Scientific Visualization

IFSV2013 Poster imege New techniques creating and utilizing science images are developed every day; but we seldom have a chance to see them. The International Festival of Scientific Visualization would like to offer an opportunity to share superior science image content throughout the country and throughout the world so that as many people as possible will be able to see them. So that everyone will want to experience the surprising, dramatic world of science.
The International Festival of Science Visualization is held to give science image creators a place to showcase their work and to facilitate the information exchange between people interested in arranging content or developing techniques. This year’s theme is "Charming Science".

  • Date : 1 August to 29 September 2013
  • Venues : Science Museums, Planetariums, and Movie Theaters throughout Japan


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