Dome Fest 2017
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International Festival of Science Visualization
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Workshop for Scence Visualization & Full Dome Movies
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Robin Sip:Groningen Fly Over

Granprix in IFSV2015
"Groningen Fly Over" Mirage3D/Robin Sip
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The Flower of after Image

JENA Fulldome Festival 2015 BLAUE BLUME Award
"The Flower of after Image" Fusako Baba&Asako Miyaki
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"Formation & Evolution of Dark Matter Halos"
©Tomoaki Ishiyama & Hirotaka Nakayama 4D2U Project, NAOJ
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"Mitaka" ©Tsunehiko Kato, 4D2U Project, NAOJ
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A Variety of Lights from the Universe

"A Variety of Lights from the Universe" Akira Miura(ISAS/JAXA)
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Most popular films in Dome Festa 2015
"Melody of Aurora"
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Masashige Iida
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4D2U Dome Theater (©NAOJ)
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The 7th International Festival of Science Visualization

Message from Chair

Today, we are surrounded with a wide variety of impressive video contents including immersive media. Fulldome films are screened in dome theaters/planetariums around the world, and even on a private basis 360-degree movies can be viewed on YouTube or with a head-mount display.

Major advancements in technology have allowed us to not only enjoy such video contents but engage ourselves in video production as well. Anyone can become a fulldome video creator with simple editing equipment.In our Dome Fest, you can experience the power of immersive media through aspiring top creators’ latest works.
Those who have interest in fulldome production are also encouraged to participate in the Fulldome Video Production Workshop.

Join the International Festival of Science Visualization/IFSV to become part of immersive media society, and explore the possibilities of future science films.

The 7th IFSV Overview

  • Events:  Workshop on Fulldome Production July 4, 2016
  •          Dome Fest March 5-7, 2017   -rescheduled!
  • Place:    Galaxcity(Adachi-ku, Tokyo)
  • Target:   Anyone with interest in science films or fulldome videos
  • Organized by
  • Organizing Committee for the International Festival of Science Visualization
  • Co-Organized by
  • Institute of Space and Astronautical Science, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (ISAS/JAXA)
  • Galaxcity
  • Supported by
  • National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (NAOJ)
  • Japan Planetarium Association(JPA)


IFSV2015 in figures

Participating organizations:49

Visitors: approx. 1 million

Films screened at Dome Fest: 44

Dome Fest visitors:over 100

Past IFSV websites.

Click here for the report of the previous fest (IFSV2015).


Organized by

Organizing Committee for the International Festival of Science Visualization

Co-organized by


Supported by


Organizing Committee members

Dome Fest


1-3-1 Kurihara Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-0842 JAPAN

Google Map


March 5 - March 7, 2017

Sunday, March 5 in the Afternoon
OpeningCeremony, DomeEvents, Feature Films
Monday, March 6
Short Film Contest, Feature Film Screening, Banquet
Tuesday, March 7
Presentations, Closing Ceremony

※Details will be announced as determined.


Anyone with an interest in Science films/fulldome videos

max. 150
Admission Fee:
4,000JPY(3-DAY Pass Only)
Banquet Ticket:

※Obtain your tickets through ticketing site.
(To be opened around Jan. 2017)

Short Film Contest

We call for fulldome short films (approx. 5min). Both science films and non-science films are welcomed.

GUIDLINES for Application

Apply using the form above
Deadline: December 31, 2016

Feature Film Screening

High quality fulldome films with science visualization, experimental techniques, or latest production technologies, will be screened.

GUIDLINES for Application

Apply using the form above
Deadline: December 12, 2016

Approx. 10 films are planned to be shown. Selected works will be decided by the Program Selection Committee of IFSV in case of exceeding entries.


We invite 15min. presentations on fulldome movie production. Presenters may show trailers or other relevant movies in their presentation.

GUIDLINES for Application

Apply using the form above
Deadline: December 31, 2016

Workshop on Fulldome Video Production

We are holding a workshop for those who aspire to produce fulldome videos, or have an interest in becoming a creator.
While there are no requirements for participation, we welcome persons with the following qualities:

  • -Students and faculty in art/design with an interest in fulldome video production.
  • -Production members with an interest in fulldome video production
  • -Staff members of planetariums/museums with an interest in fulldome videos.
  • -Persons with an interest in visualizing scientific data (into fulldome videos).
  • -Amateur creators-to-be with an interest in making the leap into the world of fulldome video production.

Click below to view the video archive.(In Japanese only)
*Be aware that there is no sound recorded for the first few minutes.


  • Place: GALAXCITY
  • DATE:July 4, 2016 (Monday) 4PM - 9PM (Japan Standard Time)
  • Application Deadline:12noon on July 1,2016
  • *Already closed as the number of applicants has reached its maximum occupancy.(18:00 on June 9)
  • Coordinator:Toshiyuki TAKAHEI (IFSV Committee Member/ORIHALCON Technologies, Inc.)
  • NOTE: Workshop will be conducted in Japanese.
With 161 attendees,the workshop was successfully finished!

Scheduled lecturers and talks(order of lectures/ contents may differ)

Isshi TABE (IFSV Committe Chair/Libra Corporation) Opening Address:About IFSV Dome Fest
Toshiyuki TAKAHEI (ORIHALCON Technologies, Inc.)Website The basic workflow for fulldome video production
Hiromitsu KOHSAKA (LiVE Company Ltd.)Website Fulldome video production for planetariums and other facilities
Naotsugu MIKAMI (NAOJ) The science film production course by the Science Culture Promotion Unit
Takaaki TAKEDA (NAOJ) Astronomical visualization fulldome video production through self-made programs
nicoPlanetWebsite Fulldome video production and experimental screening using free tools
teamLabWebsite Dome installation production using real time tools
Masami OKYUDO (Wakayama University) Fulldome live action photography using fisheye lenses
Toru WATANABE (Watanabe-ka)Website Full-sphere live action photography using GoPro rigs
Masashige IIDAWebsite Dome art production
Fusako BABA (MILLE FIORE)Website Production of kaleidoscope installation movies
KAGAYA (KAGAYA Studio)Website Fulldome movie production based on wide-angle photography

Contact us